Artist Bio

As an interdisciplinary artist working with photography and design, I explore the subtleties of power dynamics and influences of identity. My work examines public spaces and how they reveal choices that impact communal narratives and histories. I manually manipulate and distort my photographs to augment the accepted narrative and encourage discourse.

My work is a part of the permanent Rubell Family Collection and The John Paul Getty III founded Siena Art Institute Library Collection. Raised in the Caribbean, I currently live and work in Montenegro.


Joelle McTigue travelogues

Seyâhatnâme is an Arab literary tradition of writing travelogues that began in the 6-7th centuries. The Ottoman traveler Evliya Çelebi’s (1611–1682) work is so highly regarded that Seyâhatnâme now also refers to his work in Turkish studies.

He used first-person narrative to openly embrace legends and folklore to describe cities and cultures. Consequently, his journals are simultaneously comical literature and truth of experiences, even if his stories weren’t his experiences.

Çelebi’s writing influenced my current work and pushed me to see how the collections tie together and live in one world. Welcome to my Art & the World.

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