Upcoming Exhibition

Art on Paper New York

March 7-10, 2019

Looking forward to joining the Phylogeny Contemporary exhibition roster. I'll be one of the gallery's featured artists at Art on Paper during Armory Week this March in NYC. Preview on Artsy here.

Current Work

Control and Cooperation

In the series Control and Cooperation, Joelle McTigue examines the rituals of gardening and the creation of public spaces that represent how a community wants to be viewed. The work responds to the history of each public space and how it embodies the power dynamics of practical, leisurely, and spiritual pursuits. Restructuring the landscapes, McTigue transforms close-up snapshots into aerial botanical gardens. Control and Cooperation  addresses the constant movement of how perception can change.

November 2018

Interview with The Collective

York, United Kingdom

Could you explain the process by which you produce your images?

My street photography evolved during my travels when I became enamored with the history of the grand gardens across Europe. The gardens, their history, and how the land is re-purposed inform how I deconstruct and rebuild my photos. I digitally take the photos apart and re-stitch them together to collapse the perspective and emulate an aerial point of view. The outcome is closer to a digital painting than a photograph.

Read the full interview with The Collective here