Ways of Curating by Hans Ulrich Obrist

The Science & Art Of Collecting | Bring It Together

When you are ready to get into more specifics, there is a ‘science and art’ to collecting, i.e., legal and curation. This is one of three books that will help you untangle the finer details of collecting.

Good collections have the top artists from a spreadsheet. Significant collections are curated with throughlines and can change the perception of an era.

‘Ways of Curating’ is a memoir and a deep dive into the curatorial profession and art world. If you need to know where to start, learn and copy from others until you do. If you copy from others, it might as well be from a great like Hans.

Joelle’s Library

Learning about the art world can seem elusive. It shouldn’t be.

Building your art bookshelf is a forever-ongoing process. I’ve included an Amazon link to help you find the right next book for you, but you can always purchase at your local bookstore in person or at bookshop.org.

The books are organized into categories. The First Books are for those brand-new to the art world. More seasoned collectors can jump ahead to dive deeper into specific threads.

  1. The First Books
  2. Artists & Art History
  3. The Science & Art Of Collecting
  4. The Buying & Selling Of Art
  5. The Art Market

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