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Like many artists, I’ve worn many hats in the art world. As a result, our bios and CVs tend to contain several monikers and commas. I’ve interned at art galleries, run booths and shown in art fairs, co-curated exhibitions, worked for an art advisor, promoted and documented art scenes, fundraised for art museums, and other typical artist endeavors.

As with any field, the art world can be insular and challenging for outsiders to join. I don’t believe it’s malicious or intentional. Artists spend the majority of their time creating. It is usually for a hyphenate activity or social event when we venture out.

As a new collector or enthusiast, you may find it hard to break into our world. My best advice is to find the niche or era that inspires you, then go where the artists and other collectors go. Immerse yourself in art and its world.

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To do a dull thing with style-now that’s what I call art.

Charles Bukowski

What is contemporary art?

Art is not created in a chasm, and the world is duller and less understood without art. Dialogue, identity, and politics run through contemporary art at every level. Art is a form of communication with the past, present, and future. No matter what you are trying to convey, invoke, or record with art, the commonality is an attempt at communication.

If you are not familiar with contemporary art, that’s fine. I put together an Art World Phraseology guide to clarify terms and ideas that frequent the art world’s vernacular but are not always written out or clear in context.

You can also refer to the Art World’s Phraseology post here.

Modern & Contemporary Art

Modern and contemporary are not synonymous in the art world. Instead, modern art refers to works created between the 1860s and 1970s that mainly represent the period.

This era saw a definitive shift in acceptable themes, topics, and mediums. Modern artists broke boundaries by producing works with a personal view of the world. Realism bent towards abstraction, and traditional literature gave way to beat prose.

Contemporary art is work created from the 1970s to the present. It reflects our dialogue, identity, politics, and how we define our culture. More than any other time in history, our era comprises of the most diverse and critical voices with greater freedom to express themselves.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

Art collector Resources

Artists are professionals in their mediums. But, they are also professional amateurs in their concepts, such as anthropologists, historians, philosophers, mathematicians, etc. We look at the world and reconfigure it to see it in a new light.

Art is not isolated from the world. It affects how we experience and see our own lives and point of time. Art helps us understand the world we live in.

This blog is an ongoing resource guide for new collectors and anyone interested in learning about the art world, artists, and the other threads of contemporary art.