🎨 NFT Art FAQs

🎨 What NFT art sells best?

Limited access is the common theme across successful NFT sales.

Collection drops typically occur with little warning. Announcements may go out on social media, a newsletter list, or other small groups. If you are interested in an artist, get on their list – follow on social media and join their mailing list – because a collection can sell out within a few minutes or a few days. If you are not immediately notified and rely on a secondary source, you will most likely find yourself buying from the secondary market at a higher resale rate.

NFT artwork shows that its value is similar to other mediums. Supply and demand drive the factors. For example, popular collections or limited supply editions cost more in the resale realm. NFT pieces are typically limited edition (1, 10, 200, etc.).

🎨 What NFT sold for 69 million?

A crypto collectible (NFT) called CryptoKitties, a digital cats game valued at $69 million in January 2018. It had 11 million unique kitten variations.

🎨 What NFT did Visa buy?

Visa bought a CryptoPunk in the cryptocurrency Ethereum equivalent of $150,000. The CryptoPunk is a pixelated avatar of a woman with a mohawk.


Photo by Unsplash

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